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Summer 2018 has an early start

Summer time. Summer pastures.

The sheep watched the "sheep bus" back up to the barn at Petite Riviere early one morning May 15th. The sheep bus is a small trailer handcrafted by our Wiles Lake landlord many years ago. The trailer had been retired from dairy farming many years ago. I thought it suited my needs for transporting sheep for the short ride to and fro Petite Riviere - Wiles Lake. So, the little trailer was encouraged out of retirement with the help of the Vineyard Manager and my brother-in-law, both of whom can do almost anything. Voila, my "Sheep Bus".

So, on this cool spring morning, earlier than other years, seeing the sheep bus roll up, the sheep knew something was up. 9 sheep that do not have lambs, whom the remaining ewes disparagingly rolled their eyes and called "the chosen few", hopped on the sheep bus and said "Let's go on an adventure!". Arriving at the Wiles Lake summer pasture the 9 sheep said "Wow...30 acres of pasture just for us. Maybe we really are the chosen few." However, their independent life is soon to be shattered.

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