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Check out the growing selection of recipes contributed by lamb meat fans.

bengali lamb small_edited_edited.jpg
Classic Lamb Burgers
Lamb, Bengali style
Indian Lamb Curry Veena Azminov
Slow Cooked Lamb Shanks with Red Wine Sauce
Chipotle Lamb Sliders
Morrocan-spiced lamb appetizer
Meatballs with feta and lemon
Ethel's lamb burger
Marinated lamb kebabs
lamb bourguignon.jpg
Lamb Bourguignon, Suzanne L
lamb kebab liorandstephcook.PNG
Lamb Kebab using ground lamb
Braised lamb shanks
greek roast lamb.jpg
Greek roast leg of lamb
Shashliks recipe photo for website.webp
Lamb Shashliks with rosemary and garlic
Nova Scotia lamb meat
Roast Leg of Lamb "Jamie Oliver"
 Rack of lamb, roasted
Middle eastern lamb
paddies with pita and yogurt
Garlicky Lamb Chops
 BBQ Rack of lamb with roasted shallot vinaigrette
creamy lamb liver stroganoff.jpg
Rosemary & garlic shoulder roast
Nova Scotia lamb meat
Braised lamb ribs with apricot and onion
Nova Scotia lamb meat
Lamb and eggplant moussaka
Creamy lamb liver stroganoff
Nova Scotia Lamb Meat Stew
What is YOUR favourite Nova Scotia Lamb Meat... nurtured naturally, with care recipe?

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