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Lamb kebabs using ground lamb
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Lamb Kebabs using ground lamb

...found on easy ...

compliments of: tiktok @liorandstephcook


  • .45 kg double ground lamb (1lb)

  • 1 diced onion

  • 2 bulbs of garlic

  •  fresh or dried rosemary to taste

  •  fresh parsley to taste

  • cumin to taste

  • salt to taste

  • pepper to taste

  • paprika to taste

  • lemon zest to taste


  1. Put onion, garlic, parsley, rosemary in food processor and pulse.

  2. Then add ground lamb, cumin, salt, pepper, paparika and lemon zest and pulse again.

  3. Form this meat mixture into kebabs and put on bbq skewer.

  4. Grill for about 4 minutes on each side on bbq

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