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Dear lamb meat fans,

We are humbled by your support of KristaSheep lamb meat, THANK YOU!

Requests to be on the "I am Interested" list  for Warm Up Winter packs, Half lamb custom cut and Whole lamb are strong. As a result if you ask to be on the "I am interested" list as of August 2023 it is for interest in Fall 2024.

Want to put be part of the "I am Interested"?

It's simple!

Email KristaSheep and ask to be placed on the "I AM INTERESTED" list for fall 2024.  

There is no obligation at the time of being added to the "I AM INTERESTED"list.  It just means you will be contacted in the late summer 2024, once we know how much product will be available and at that time, in the summer, we will ask if you want to confirm your interest in purchasing a 

 for fall 2024 season. 

Ready to be added to the "I AM INTERESTED" list?

Wondering how to get your products?

Delivery within 10 km $0

Delivery orders Liverpool to Halifax, NS, over $100, $0

              (Includes combined orders if  a close neighbour orders at the same time)

Delivery under $100 (with a fee) for sites between Liverpool and Halifax. Let's talk.

"I have to say again that your lamb is amazing. We found a ton of great new lamb recipes, and it is pretty much the only meat we eat now (along with fish).
" S W, NS August 2022
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Tonight we had our first meal with your lamb.......delicious.This may be your best this far.
Thank you.
Liz Oct. 2020
How to order:  
     By email:
     Send a message in "contact Us"   on this website      or
     Private message on facebook:Kristasheep
     By Phone (902) 688-2380                       OR
     use the online shop: simply click on product & continue.
                         (Choose now, pay when meat is delivered).
Payment can be made by Email transfer, Credit Card, Debit Card
or Cash when you receive your meat. 

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