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A VARIETY PACK is a mix of lamb meat products that takes advantage of the "pack" price but contains a KristaSheep choice of available individually packaged cuts but is a smaller order than a half lamb. 

Variety pack is 

 approximately 10 lbs  approx. $160.  As always, product orders over $100 can be DELIVERED TO YOUR DOOR anywhere between Liverpool and Halifax.


VARIETY PACK  lamb may include a variety of any of the following: chops, shanks, roast bone-in, shoulder roast or kebab meat, ground .   We can talk about  the variety.


So, how does it work? You let me know your interest in purchasing a VARIETY PACK and I will email you the cuts, weight and price  I suggest for your unique variety pack . 

What's unique about the Variety Pack? No going on the "I'm interested list" for next season;  this product choice is for those that want lamb meat meals now and are also  flexible in the cuts to be received.   Variety Pack will  make 7 to 9   potential warm winter meals with family or friends. 
Completion includes a gentle kill in a local shop  that has my philosophy that my animals deserve an end as gentle as every other day in their life. The meat is hung and cut by a local  butcher. Your lamb mea,t nurtured naturally, with care, cuts are packaged and popped into the freezer. Delivery to your home, anywhere from Liverpool NS to Halifax NS, is simply my pleasure.

Let's start talking:
Start with clicking on the cart,then finish the order process; this just lets me know you are interested. Alternatively you can send me an email or telephone me to let me know you are interested in a VARIETY PACK.

Any of those contact methods  prompts me to send an email to you..

 Payment can be made by E-mail transfer, debit card, credit card or cash.

VARIETY PACK LAMB pieces: cut &wrapped, per lb DELIVERED TO YOUR DOOR

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