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Full soft, sheepskins, locally grown, are a wonderful gift that lasts a lifetime.


"Make sure you tell people that a sheepskin placed under the bedsheet  prevents bedsores and provides natural comfort to bed ridden loved ones", commented a customer recently.


The list of  uses for this natural insulation and cushioning is endless.  Here are some  uses that others suggest:


These sheepskins are NOT IMPORTED but LOCAL, from our Nova Scotia farm, a product that naturally results from being a lamb meat producer.  Intial preparation is done on the farm (scraping, salting, drying)  followed by the sheepskins being tanned with care for 4 full months by a professional tannery.


The sheepskins are kept in their original shape and size.  You can see the irregular shape in the photos, typical of the original hide.  You can cut and shape them as you please, leaving the parts you cut off available for insoles of shoes, cozy insides to mitts or any other place you want a bit of warm natural softness.  Or, you can leave the full sheepskin as you receive it and simply enjoy the sheepskin in its natural shape.

PLEASE NOTE:  Sheepskin price is PLUS HST as this is a taxable product.  Sheepskin price would also be subject to a delivery cost if product has to be shipped outside  Nova Scotia's Queens/Lunenburg counties.

2023 pricing:

  • $165 ($189.75including hst) 


Sheepskins, tanned

  • Listed price sheepskin is subject to an additional 15%hst

    and is also subject to a delivery fee if applicable.

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