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When you want what you want.....a HALF lamb, CUSTOM CUT, is for you.   A HALF lamb, CUSTOM CUT, is typically 18 to 25 lbs , butcher's hanging weight that is cut, packaged and labelled for easy identification of your lamb meat, delivered to your door.


SEE ALSO "WARM UP WINTER"  lamb or VARIETY PACK,  which takes the decision-making out of enjoying having a selection of  lamb meat ready  in your freezer.

If you want to decide your own cuts, here is how the "half lamb, custom cut"  works:
Completion includes a gentle kill in a shop by a fellow that has my philosophy that my animals deserve an end as gentle as every other day in their life. The meat is hung and cut by an experienced butcher. Your lamb meat nurtured naturally, with care, cuts are custom cut to your wishes, packaged and popped into the freezer. Delivery to your home, anywhere from Liverpool NS to Halifax NS, is simply my pleasure. So, how does it work?
Start with clicking on the cart,then finish the order process; this just lets me know you are interested. Alternatively you can send me an email or telephone me with your interest. 

Any of those contact methods  prompts me to send an email to you.

I then send you an email asking your custom cut wishes... things like how thick you want your chops, how many chops per pack, full leg roast or short leg, etc.  Depending on your cuts, a HALF lamb, CUSTOM CUT will make several potential warm winter meals with family or friends.

You don't pay until the product is delivered to you.

HALF LAMB pieces: CUSTOM CUT & wrapped, per lb

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